Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: GAMING pc better or worse for photo work? Re: Only $700+cost of 2tb drive

stanton wrote:

Honestly, this old dude knows what "gaming" is, but never played a video game after "Pong" became passè. I know that gamers have unique needs, but I have no clue as to how those needs intersect with photo editing needs.

I saw the "Alienware" brand on the Dell website and only after a time realized that it was branded (marketed) for gaming. As the Xeon processor vs i7 was explained to me, can someone explain how one computer might be good for gaming but not good for photography... and vice versa?

Gamers value very high frame rates, and standard issue video cards will not support that.

No reason why you can't use a gaming computer for photography, but it would be overkill. I've lost track of gaming video, but it can be very expensive, with dual cards that cost as much as the rest of the system.

I have a fairly standard laptop which drives an external 4k monitor at 30Hz. This is fine for photography, viewing video and low-end games, but not shoot 'em ups.

Yes, it's quite a chore finding suitable hardware. I went looking for a couple of laptops <AUD$1000 ea. and I suppose that I looked at about 100 different configurations.

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