How to know what dioptric adjustment lens to get?

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Re: How to know what dioptric adjustment lens to get?

Eye relief, is the distance (in millimeters) your eye can be from the viewfinder and show the full field of view produced by the lens. 16mm of eye relief is a typical minimum for eyeglass wearers.

Oh hey, thanks. I think I mentioned to someone else, I was thinking of a different definition of "relief" which is what had me confused. Got it now though.

If you need glasses for corrected 20/20 vision, wear them when doing photography. To set the viewfinder diopter, choose a target having well-defined detail at a distance of 50 feet or more. A traffic sign can be a good target. Center the target in the viewfinder and half-depress the shutter release button top initiate auto focus. Once the camera has locked focus abs while holding the camera steady with one hand, use the other hand to adjust the diopter knob until the image in the viewfinder appears in good focus.

You should be all set.

I was explaining to someone else that I'm not looking to wear my glasses for distance really when doing photography because I'll already have to handle reading glasses to read the LDC screen. I've also adjusted the internal diopter already using similar directions above on my tripod. It wasn't enough, so I needed the additional dioptric adjustment lens in addition to the internal diopter.

I think I've got it all figured out now between all the responses and research and I just ordered a -2. So, we'll see when it gets here, pun intended! Fingers crossed, it's the correct one for me.

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