Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

stanton wrote:

The one thing I'm bummed about is the total abandonment of Windows 7, with only Win10 as an (realistic) option in the PC realm. I have Win 10 on a backup notebook, unsuitable for photo tasks, and I detest the OS.

Win10 runs best on the newer class of hardware that you are contemplating. Just ignore the "features" that you find irritating, such as the cluster of gigantic tiles on the desktop. Those control options that may appear to be lost can be found by searching, e.g. In the control panel.

Expect a succession of OS updates, particularly with a new installation. Depending on your connection speed, the normal updates are usually trouble free, but old and infrequently used computers can get into an "update tangle". My travel notebook took most of one day to successfully update after being idle or a month or so. Under normal circumstances, just leave your computer runnng most of the time and it will be fine.

Successive updates come with announcements of new and exciting features, but these can also be ignored and have no impact on day to day operations. I just use a few task-bar programs and a handful of desktop shortcuts, and there's nothing to indicate that I'm using any particular version of Windows.

My family are very proficient computer users, but aren't interested in the OS side of things. As far as they are concerned, there's been very few operational changes since Windows2000. Provided that they can see the file server and open the various MS-Office applications, they are happy.

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