My Experience with On1 PR2019.5.1

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My Experience with On1 PR2019.5.1

After rejecting 2019.5 due to its many unfavorable comments, I finally took the opportunity to try out the recently released patch 2019.5.1 I had been using 2019.2 under Windows 7 which I found a bit slow and lacking in performance, but otherwise very satisfactory for my work. My primary use is for photo-editing -- no image management, panos, HDR or focus merges. (There are better tools available for these functions). My standard for comparison is PS (CS6) which I revert to when needed.

Here are some observations after using the 2019.5.1 update for a few days and working about a dozen edits:

Browser accurately displays thumbs and allows them to be re-arranged in any order. I like the (optional) increased thumb size, but wish the smallest thumb size were even smaller in order to quickly browse an entire folder.

The improved tool-tips are useful -- for a while. Tiresome after a while. Wish there were a way to toggle the entire set on/off.

Did not use any cataloging features in Browse. (Wondering if this area of ongoing problems is now mature enough for use.)

Opening a thumb from Browse into Develop takes less than 2 sec. Seems just fine.

Editing is generally smooth with no noticeable brush-stutter. I edited several photos -- some with multiple complex masks. The program worked as expected; tracking was as fast as needed.

Export to Desktop is much faster than in prior version. Took about 6 sec to render and Export a raw On1 image as a Desktop jpeg.

The Text tool is improved, but still limited in features and awkward to use. Text function in PS is much better.

Round-trip to PS-and-back was fast, and worked without a hitch

Magnification/Positioning tool is a convenient addition

Perfect Eraser seems improved but still takes several passes to remove an object. Content-aware tool in PS is better.

NR is weak, and often has minimal effect even when viewed at 100% mag

Tried Dual Mode. Worked as advertised (I guess) but appears of little value (to me)

History worked well - from within Edit modes and from within Browse. Will be a very useful feature.

On balance --- definitely noticed the performance and (useful) feature improvements in this release, over 2019.2. Easier and more predictable to use than prior versions. A very welcome upgrade. Good work On1 !

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