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Toby43 wrote:

hi all I wanted to ask opinion on a rather subjective issue, I had Nikon D700 for a long time and then sold it and bought a D750. Much about the camera is great. I find the ergonomics in relation to controls not as useful as the D700. I dont want to bore with detail(iso control among others, I know about the video button!) but is there a benefit to changing to d810 or 850 from this perspective? Grateful for any advice from those with direct experience of this. Many thanks

From a controls perspective, yes. If that's the layout you like and you don't want to have to recalibrate yourself when picking the D750 up, the D810 is a decent deal on eBay or elsewhere these days. You're giving up some low-light capability and some space consumption if you go Large Fine, but strictly at the controls, yes. I have both, and I've gotten used to the layouts where I don't need to think about it too much.

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