Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Professional target group

Alex Permit wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

Alex Permit wrote:

j2scriba wrote:

...This may be an acceptable design paradigm for a point-and-shoot, but for a presumably professional target group this seems bizarre....

There are three parameters that determine exposure:

Yes, but ISO isn't one of them. The third is scene luminance.

I'm not following you. Properly exposing for a given scene luminance is what you are solving for. The three parameters you change to accomplish this goal are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. It's called the exposure triangle.

Unless you are suggesting the use of studio lighting or flash?

shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. To me, the whole concept of automatically setting two of those exposure parameters seems somewhat bizarre. Setting two parameters automatically requires the camera to read your mind on how you would like to trade off the two.

No it doesn't. The camera manual describes how it uses them and you choose to use that mode, or you don't.

The program manual also describes Program Mode as well. Just because the camera can doesn't mean a "presumably professional " necessarily should.

Lot's of professionals use P mode, some even in the appropriate circumstances.

Using "Aperture" or "Shutter" mode with auto ISO is just like using "Program" mode with fixed ISO.

Not it isn't. Using A or S mode with Auto-ISO means that the exposure will vary when you change the setting you control even if the light doesn't . P mode without Auto-ISO means that the exposure will not vary when you move the control dial.

Perhaps I am not following you. When using P mode and fixed ISO, the exposure does change when you move the control dial.

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, I recognize that some words have defined meanings in technical contexts.

If I disable Auto-ISO and select P mode,  all my shots will have one specific exposure  - the one that corresponds to the ISO value selected (an example of ISO as exposure index)  - no matter how I move the command dial. Moving the command dial will make a change to the shutter and a reciprocal change to the aperture, thus preserving the exposure.

I prefer to fix ISO

Why would you prioritise ISO over something that matters and cannot be fixed non-destructively after capture

When ISO is more important then shutter speed or aperture.

When is an ISO being set above base ever more important than shutter or aperture?

Let me be more explicit:

  1. Fix ISO and Aperture, let shutter speed float. When I shoot stills on a tripod. I'll set ISO 64 to get the maximum dynamic range and set the aperture for the depth of field I want. I don't care (within reasonable bounds) about shutter speed. I use this occasionally

What do you see as the practical functional difference between this and using A mode with Auto-ISO?

  1. Fix Aperture and Shutter Speed, let ISO float. My default setting. Changing shutter speed or aperture is just a dial away turn away.

and use aperture or shutter priority, or set ISO to automatic and set aperture and shutter manually. Am I alone in my preference?


Do "professionals" use auto ISO together with aperture or shutter priority?

Some do. Others don't

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