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Re: Three generations of musical instruments

Bill Borne wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Instruments from 2004, 1820, 1960

Not really consecutive generations, though. Next Saturday I am actually going to crank out Mendelssohn's wedding march (the usual one from his "Midsummer's Night dream", composed in 1842) on the 1960 instrument rather than the more contemporary violin.

So is that the 200 year old violin?

Just 199 years as of now.

Looks nice for it's age.

That's a bit misleading since old instruments in play have been maintained in play.  The myth of an attic Stradivarius is not much more than a myth since the instrument's qualities deteriorate rapidly in that kind of storage condition.  So a violin that does not "look nice for its age" is usually one you are best off hanging on the wall.

An orchestra colleague has an accordion; things are different there.  He is a learnt organ builder and repaired the instrument himself after it suffered from some water damage in the room it was sitting, but did not bother with its outside.  As a result, it looks like trash but has a wonderful tone.  You cannot really have the same discrepancy with a violin because everything you see is part of the sound production.

Do you play all 3?

Regarding my lifetime playing hours, the violin certainly has seen the most.  The acoustic accordion is not to be sneezed at in that regard either, being my current go-to instrument, the electronic one is mostly for entering notes into a computer and very occasionally for silent practice.  I'd have to put in some serious practice time to get back up to a good standard on the violin, though.  I've lent it out to my mother for a few years (originally my father's, it was at some point of time declared mine because I played most on it and paid for expensive repairs) but she gave it back about a year ago since her eye sight precludes her from further ensemble play.

So all instruments would likely testify to recognizing me as one of the owners and players in their history, but the acoustic accordion is currently the one I actually play seriously.

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