Fujifilm Camera Remote app with X-T20

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Re: Fujifilm Camera Remote app with X-T20

GarySFBCN wrote:

The latest release of the Camera Remote app has brought new consistency - instead of working sometimes, it doesn't work at all.

Anyone else have this problem?

It works fine for me, but in typical Fuji fashion, it's quirky as hell. I have an X100F, and an X-T2, and my phone is a Galaxy S8.

Maybe you're doing all this stuff already, but here's what I do.

-your phone's location must be on.

-obviously, you have to give the app permission to use the storage on your phone.

-I have no empirical evidence to claim that this is the 'right' way, but I always turn on the wifi transmitter on the camera before starting up the app. I make sure that the viewing screen on the back of the camera is 'on', so can make sure that the camera is, in fact, transmitting.

-I wait until the screen appears that shows you your camera, and then select 'live view shooting' or 'image transfer.'

-then I wait for it to connect. This usually takes anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

-Then, I can adjust all my shooting settings from the app.

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