Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

stanton wrote:

My suggested configuration would be...

  • i7-8700 (8th Generation)
  • Integrated video (and be prepared to calibrate).
  • 16Gb RAM, although 8Gb would probably be OK.
  • 512Gb SSD
  • 2Tb HDD

Of your alternative computers, I'd go for the Dell. I found it difficult to navigate the Alienware site, and impossible to see what the actual configuration might be.

Somehing else to consider is a well-specified laptop computer driving your existing screen. I have a few laptop computers that I use for a range of applications, but not PS or LR. I'm sure that the best of my laptops would run LR quite well.

Newer systems are likely to include USB-C (New connector with improved speed and versatility, even video).

I appreciate your suggestions, but that configuration, without specific model suggestions would probably cost $1400+. I'm not sure the SSD is that important beyond startup and they tend to be smaller and I think I'd want to partition.

FYI... I have an XRite calibration system. Also my monitor, though old is a NEC Multi-sync 2690WUX. Not sure how old, but I paid $1300 even back in the day.

The SSD is important, SATA vs NVME isn't that big of a deal but VS a regular spinning drive either make a large difference especially in Lightroom and I'm seeing that with CPU's 1/3 slower than the one you're looking at.

And you can get a system with those specs other than the 2TB drive for 700 bucks if you buy Microcenter's house brand:

Just grab a 1-2TB SSD (MX500 or Evo 860) for 125-250 and you're good to go.

You might need a GPU if you're using a large monitor but for 150 you can get one that would be fine.

That all being said I'd still probably wait for a Dell because of the warranty you can get and come July 4th you should see prices closer to this. But if you can't wait that's an option.

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