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Re: Tom... this seems like a very extraordinary circumstance

Marty4650 wrote:

Whenever 50% of the cameras used are $3,000 M4/3 cameras, then you know this isn't an ordinary vacation or cruise. I think the key words here are "Nome" and "Alaska."

Whenever people get a once in a lifetime chance to shoot in an extremely harsh environment, then they are likely to spend the money to get the best weather sealing they can find. And the E-M1X is a very good choice for that.

If the event was a rock concert, then 98% of the cameras used would have been smartphones. If the event was a senior citizen cruise, then 75% would probably be DSLRs. And entry level ones at that.

In that context I think 50% of the cameras used for a trip to Nome Alaska makes sense. The other 50% were probably high end (and very well sealed) DSLRs.

Over the years I have dealt with a number (actually loads) of senior citizen groups on African safaris.  The one common thing (apart from someone always being called Bob in almost every group) is that they are more addicted to their smartphones than most teenagers I see through our doors...

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