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The only problem with this story is that proper use of a tripod will achieve better sharpness than not using one, no matter what system you shoot.

Not sure that applies so much these days, given the excellent stabilisation available on modern cameras. Use of the tripod is more about maintaining and optimising composition, and for multiple-frame images e.g. HDR and sensor shift.

Mike, though the stabilisation systems are great I still think that if you want the absolute best quality tripods are the way to go. Though many here claim to take "sharp" multi-second hand-held shots I have never seen one posted that I would call critically sharp, certainly it is miraculous to get anything at those crazy speeds but not really sharp . Stick your camera on a decent tripod, set delay , IBIS off etc , set your lens to its optimum aperture and then compare to a hand-held shot using multiple stops of IBIS , even I get hand-held shots sharp at 1/16000th

Not if you're on a boat

You just have to remember to bering along a drill. Three holes judiciously placed in the bottom of the boat, a tripod with long legs and you're good to go.

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263, look deader.

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