Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

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Re: So put some beef into the pudding, please!

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There’s nothing magic about the 1.4 you wouldn’t get with the cheapest Nikon 50mm. If you want to shoot wide open all the time I wouldn’t bother too much with an APSC sensor. Narrow depth of field is one of the sacrifices you make using lighter camera gear.

So idiots only here on this forum?? The cheapest Nikon is the 50/1.8 plastic-fantastic AF-D.

Here in New Zeaaland you can get one of those brand new with warranty for US$ 120.00 including original box!

Any examples you would care to share taken with this Nikon lens?

You might be correct of course, no rounded blades, 2002 design, but a standard lens and therefore an easy enough achievement to play with the best and beat them regarding general rendering, bokeh, sharpness (I don't doubt this lens can be sharp, but that's not everything right??) etc.

Let's just assume you weren't just talking through a hole in your head, would you care to share some example shots to put some beef to your argument here?


I’d try and avoid that second bottle of Oyster Bay personally.

I just bought some Matakana wine this arvo so no Oyster bay for me tonight.

I take it you only have some sweet words but no substance to offer??


Apart from owning both lenses you mean. I don’t post photos on forums, I can’t be arsed when it’s easier just to annoy a Kiwi. I don’t see many full frame manufacturers churning out prime lenses with anything slower than 1.8 do you? The Fuji is f2+ which is nothing special for narrow dof. There’s a reason people buy ff 1.4 lenses and it’s not because they like spending money or carrying more weight. It’s just a trade off. Sure the 35mm 1.4 takes nice photos but they’re a little flat compared to my Nikon 50mm 1.4. I still use it, as it’s a great lens. Horses for courses.

The Fuji is a nice lens but actually think the Nikon 50mm 1.8g looks better and even narrower dof on a full frame sensor. Not saying it’s a better lens, prob just look of the sensor on something . The af of the 50mm 1.8g is on another level also. It’s a cheap 199 lens.

However I carry my Fuji gear way more.

I have shot very few lenses I thought had a magic look to them... one of the few was the Nikon 135 dc. It would do stuff to the images I wasn’t expecting.

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