I think she's still looking pretty good :)

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Re: I think she's still looking pretty good :)

Fishchris wrote:


Not so much as a single door ding


Totally love it! LOL.

A long time ago, I got to borrow a Ford Ranger from work.

The one with jumper seats in back.

My kids thought it was a lot of fun to drive around in the jumper seats! LOL.

But . . . with its 4 Litre engine, that thing eats gas like there's no tomorrow. LOL.

Oh wait... this is not a new photo, but I think its pretty cool... now to find it...

My custom tailgate oval


Ok. I totally love the "Fish" emblem! How'd you get it done?

PS, Even when I bought this truck, I always thought the GMC's and Chevy's looked better (I just got such a good deal, I had to go with the Ford)... And I continued to feel this way all the way until the last couple years. But IMPO, the brand new Chevy's have gotten kind of weird, while the new Fords look SO freaking tough and awesome ! My dream truck is a 2020 Ford Raptor.

But I do love trucks of all brands, and if somebody is handing them out, I'll take one right now, and worry about the brand later

My wife sometimes says, let's get a truck. But when we look at the gas and how we use our cars it just doesn't make sense for us.

So, when our little car finally required brakes and we weren't willing to spend any more money on it, we happened to find an old Nissan Rogue SUV. 2.5 Litre engine. It's unibody, not body-on-frame. Not the greatest on gas, but a lot less than a truck. But we totally love it. LOL.

As crazy as it sounds . . . I wouldn't mind a Lada 4x4 . . .


Another unibody. I think it was one of the first.

Take care & Happy Trucking!

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