Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

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Re: Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

shigzeo wrote:

MatMayer wrote:

I see the f2 as a far left liberal. The f1.4 is anti abortion, but I don't know if that beats being a green haired liberal. The f2 is against free speech and the f1.4 is mostly for free speech. But the f1.4 believes in Jesus and coal. The f1.4 is so old it was originally used on film cameras in the Vatican. 4% of Catholic priests have been accused of pedophilia so that is definitely a possible downside.

The f2 has most of its chakras aligned and the optical formula was made on a Macbook Air in Yosemite after climbing El Capitan. That is a great accomplishment. I think the f2 might be in Antifa, so that means that I hereby abstain from this question. Not least because I own neither lens.

Out of a rating of 10 I score both lenses twelvety. I hope that clears this up once and for all. This post was sponsored by Squarespace, where you too can make a website that looks like everyone else's.

Both lenses touched me in my bad place, one on the far left of my body, one on the far right

The Nikon plastic fantastic went for the middle. That one I didn’t mind it so much.

This is an outrage. Both these lenses are sick. Nobody should buy either. Its the 2Kg 1 foot long 33 f1 or nothing. That lens will have a clean record. Chernobyl probably happened because of all the radioactive elements in old Fuji lenses. Keep the f1.4 and its black magic and the f2 with it's fascism away from your kids. Only true Fuji fans will do this. Anyone who gives the f1.4 and the f2 the time of day is a Fuji hater!

#33mmf1 #savecherbobyl #fujilivesmatter

This reminds me... why don't Russians wear Y fronts?

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