A selection from my first 50 GR III photos

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A selection from my first 50 GR III photos

Its quiet around here, so I thought I would share a few of the first 50 or so shots I have taken with my GR III which I got on Friday.

I had never owned or even held a Ricoh camera before. Ever since I saw the specs for the GR III I decided I would get one

The combo of very small, no lens cap, big(ish) sensor, 28mm lens and shake reduction all ticked my boxes. The only thing missing is weather sealing, but there is literally nothing on the market that comes as close as Ricoh to meeting my requirements.

I previously had a Sony a7ii with the 28mm lens, good but too big (could not run with it), lens cap very (VERY!) annoying. Before that I had a Fujifilm x70, I probably enjoyed that more than the Sony due to the size, but not enough megapixels to crop, annoying lens cap (not as bad as Sony), no shake reduction meant 1/30 was as slow as I could go.

The shots below are nothing special, I dont claim to be a great photographer, I am more of a documenting where I have traveled to type of person.

The day shots were all f/8 set it and forget it aperture priority, mainly shot into the sun which I seem to enjoy. I did not miss the viewfinder of the Sony at all, but I have also owned cameras previously without one.

I took a few shots at night with snap focus, they worked out pretty well, but I needed to freeze the action and allow a higher max iso, so none of them are featured below.

All of these were raw only and have had basic exposure adjustments done in lightroom, generally by hitting the new improved auto button (which no longer adds negative contrast). The colors using the adobe color default profile look very pleasing to me, especially compared to my Sony a7ii which I never seemed to master. I would say the Ricoh photos are more contrasty than any previous camera I have owned. I guess thats a good thing as its easier to remove contrast than it is to add?

Sharpness with default Lightroom settings seems great, to me they look very sharp. I did a bit of pixel peaking and they are much sharper than the x-trans files from my old Fuji taken in similar conditions, especially the edges. Its harder to tell when comparing to the Sony, a lot of my shots with my big Sony I shot at f/2 to get the whole full-frame background blurring experience. I have since decided I generally dont really like that with the type of photos I take.

I found that even in the multi segment exposure metering, the GRIII preserves highlights more than cameras I have owned previously, I prefer this.

The handling is superb, I think I took all these photos one handed, and despite being new to the camera, I am doing most things I need to do without ever looking at the screen. In day time, aperture priority, at night, I go manual and auto iso, with snap focus assigned to the function key.

As for the autofocus, I have not had an issue, theres only one night shot below but I also took shots inside dimly lit restaurants, up dark alleyways etc and had no issue getting a focus using the wide area setting. When tapping the touch screen to set a focus point, it is even faster. Overall, its way better than my old fujifilm x70 at focusing in low light (I did upgrade to firmware 1.11 before using the camera).

Thats all I can think of now, happy with my purchase so far.

Not a particularly great pic, but it was handheld at 1/8 shutter, iso 3200, with a push of +1ev in lightroom. I feel confident in consistently getting 1/10 shots one handed with the gr iii and shake reduction.

This seems to be a type of photo people take with the GR line of cameras, so I did the same. It looks sharp into the corners to me.

Silvery shrubs, silvery light. Very happy with this photo. No flaring at all. Of the 20 or so similar photos I took on this walk along the beach into the sun, none of them have any flaring.

cliche photo, but I like the '3dness' of it. I guess some people call that pop or micro contrast or other similar terms I am probably confusing.

My favourite photo taken with the Ricoh so far. It would have been slightly better if I knelt down so the trees were not showing above the top of the green hill. Excellent light really helped with this.

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