Bride and Groom with only 85mm

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Re: Bride and Groom with only 85mm

KE_DP wrote:

I assume this 4-5 hours is not the actual wedding - but a portrait session? That's an incredibly LONG session. I don't even think very good friends or family should endure something so long unless the shoot is secondary to some other activities. With good planning you should be able to get what you need in an hour - maybe two tops - unless you are traveling, dealing with traffic and parking etc.

Personally, I would find a 16-35 nearly useless for portraits on full frame, compared to a 24-70 and 85 combo. But that's my personal view/style. I choose to avoid super wide angle types of shots on people due to lens distortion. If you use crop sensor, then that may be different.

What is your vision for the types of shots you will create? No one else can tell you. A super wide ocean or cityscape with the two of them standing in the middle way off in the distance? 1/2 length portrait at sunset on a beach? Or zoomed in tight, blurred out BG - some other things in between?

For best results - plan. Before choosing a lens or touching a camera, create your locations, light, framing, concepts, poses etc. It will dictate what gear you need - and make you focused and efficient.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I agree that this session is a bit too long however this what customer wants. Apparently it will be very small wedding and it will be very different to what everyone used to. Part 1 - Registry office with couple and family members. Part 2 - photo session with just the couple. Part 3 - restaurant. So I believe they have planned everything and during the session we will be gradually moving toward the restaurant which is in another town by the sea.

My initial plan was 24-70 + 85, but good friend who is a photographer advised me to shoot most of it using just 85 and I decided to see what others photographers think about that as I can't say I agree with what he advised. And due to the lack of experience I decided to also have some extra advice on that from professionals in this forum.

The couple provided me with some examples of what they would like to have, I have already grouped them in accordance to the lenses I will need to use and also linked that to some locations. But there are just 20-30 examples. I plan to deliver at least 100 photos. And I am just wondering what would be the best lens for additional 70 photos. I have spent a lot of time on 500px and I truly like how 35mm looks and this is why I planned to have 16-35mm f/2.8 in the first place and 85mm f/1.8 for portraits. However I also think that 50mm is a must... yeah will probably take all my lenses just in case... time shouldn't be a problem to swap them around.

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