Bride and Groom with only 85mm

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Re: Bride and Groom with only 85mm

Gerry Siegel wrote:

I believe you can answer this question by looking at your own videos of people clips. Or books on wedding photography or on line. Bridal environmental "portraits "come in different flavors. (Which is why I find a zoom lens most useful. I suspect you will not find the fixed 85mm all that wonderful. But try it for a few poses.. I would not presume to tell you what is a personal style that only you and the couple know best and experiment will resolve we hope.)

Have a rain plan by the way?

If you are not doing the wedding as principal phtographer, just what will they seek to have you contribute? Outdoors, by the sea should be a walk in the proverbial park....I would think. Let them decide as the shoot progresses. I mean you have HOURS to work with them....Have fun!

See where I am going? Only you and the couple can on the spot deliver answers to gear questions, or background questions, or what their desires are....I could be wrong. Aloha and be well. Oh yeah, bring all your gear, and keep it safely stowed during the process.....have a big container you can keep at hand..

PS, Of the variables involve, light, background, formal, informal, fun poses, etc etc, the lens choice is just mechanics.

As you will learn as you move on through life in the photo vis a vis video realm. Trust me. And take heart. This will be a great experience. If you shoot video and know light and f stops and such, how can you not succeed. Good assignment.

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate that. Will take all my gear then and will plan accordingly.

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