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Re: I feel alone

bobn2 wrote:

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Everywhere I go, it's all DSLR and long teles. I'm the only one using an Oly, in fact the only one using mirrorless. I can't see it changing anytime soon to be honest.

All the best Colin.


you must be going deaf from all that incessant clacking

Ha trust you ya plonker

Tell ya what, the 1Dx is actually very quite compared to the Oly with mechanical shutter G. Very smooth sounding clicks rather than clunk. That's with a mirror flapping as well. Large Nikon's are probably the same I would imagine, never noticed Steve's D500 making much of a noise.

All the best G and yes, not many mirrorless around with what we take really. DSLR's rule.


i've actually seen more than usual m4/3rds stuff this year funnily enough, biggest lens was a 40-150mm though....i soon saw them off with a few blasts from the old clunker, like startled deer they were.

One advantage of living in liberal Holland - you don't get arrested for getting your clunker out.

How about an old clacker or two;-)

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