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Re: I feel alone

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

i've actually seen more than usual m4/3rds stuff this year funnily enough, biggest lens was a 40-150mm though....i soon saw them off with a few blasts from the old clunker, like startled deer they were.

wouldn't mind an X but at the price....nope, then Sony did the dirty, A7III with a 200-600mm not bad combo for the price, then i watched a Jared Polin do a 500mm pf vs 200-500mm both will work on the clunker but i can't change aperture......interesting, then in the bird challenges the Sony Rx100Mk whatever is holding it's own and some guys are doing great shots......terrible times i tell ya

Yeah I've seen a few around, but just not for sports or birds is all.

Here in this thread they are talking out of 6 people on a wildlife tour, 5 of them had an Oly E-M1X. So 5 out of 6, what are the odds in that!

Oly would be doing just fine in that case, ahhh yep.

Be a bit like out of 6 on a wildlife photography tour, 5 had a Canon 7D MKII, again, the odds on the Canon would be higher than an Oly E-M1X

I'm also looking at the Sony 200-600, very interesting lens optically and construction wise for $2000 US. Very tempting in the light I shoot in. Options and choices are good G.

Nikon Z6, 500 F/5.6 PF, phew, we have it good these days ....... if you can ever get your mits on it

All the best your way as always G.


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