Canon 200-400mm f4 + 1DX AF question

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Re: Canon 200-400mm f4 + 1DX AF question

SandyHill wrote:

Can any users of the 200-400mm f4 & 1DX answer the following question.

Using the 200-400mm f4 with the 1.4x engaged on a 1DX, has anyone experienced any issues when the autofocus will not activate if the lens is set at the start to around the 3-4m mark on the focus scale. Full is selected on the focus limiter.

Firmware is the latest in the lens and camera

Any clues as to what is going wrong would be very much appreciated

I don't have experiences with that combo but I do with a similar combo as I have been using a 200-400L f/4 + 1DX mk ii for 3 years. I haven't seen any specific problems with the focus system, neither far or close or something in between.

However, your observation may be related with a common issue I have seen with several long lenses: If the lens starts with a distance from the subject that is too far away from the subject, the subject is blurred completely and the AF system can't see the subject and get a focus on the subject. Solution: Use manual focus to make the subject visible again and the AF system will lock on the subject. Hint for the 200-400L and other big whites. Use the focus memory to remember a distance near the subject so you easily can recall the focus distance if you loose it completely.

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Oh no! He should know by now that "equivalence" is a forbidden word for APS-C but perfectly allowed for 1” Sonys, compact cameras, smartphones and maybe even for M43s.

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