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Interesting thread. I'm working my way to exclusively m4/3. Just sold a Nikon D300 - big, bulky, LOUD. The Canon gear (60D and 7Dii) and lenses goes next. Sold part of the Sony A gear already.

I confess. I'm keeping an older Nikon D90 - petite and I just like it. Also a Sony A57 - same reason. But nearly ALL my shooting lately has been with one of two Olympus OMD 1 v1s with a GM1 or GX7 as back up

Great results with the OMD 1s and less than 1/3 the weight.

For the "full framers" - remember the Graflex 4X5 days? Back then folks said the 35mm format would never make it. Way to small for ANY serious photographer. They said then that FF 35mm "would probably die out soon" - "it's just a fad. Well Ho, Ho, Ho.  By the way, I still have my Graflex 4X5 - waiting for a "comeback."

Of course "serious photographers" were also critical of every "new" thing that came along. Batteries in cameras - no way. Built in flash - a fad. It'll be gone in a year or so. Auto focus - You gotta be kidding. Image stabilized lenses - OMG - No! Digital - It will never last. Auto bracketing - Not for "real photographers. Auto mode and P mode - gimmicks both - for "the great unwashed." Electronic shutters - ??????? Live view - never happen, and if it did, no "real" photographer would EVER use it. Scene modes - No way!

Well, face it folks.  Mirrorless like m4/3 (and others), cell phones, etc. are here to stay. ..... and one day (soon) those darn clackety, clack shutters will also be a thing of the past - Yea! .... and Ho, Ho, Ho!



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