Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

stanton wrote:

I'm an old semi retired photographer.

I am retired, but wasn't a paid photographer. I shoot quite a few shots, though, and want responsiveness when I edit with LR, PS and CO.

I built a desktop a year ago, and spent more than where you are thinking. But again, I wanted speed/ responsiveness per photo.

Closed my brick and mortar location 9 years ago. I've been working with digital imaging since 1996. First Photoshop version was v2. Capture One Pro v1. You get the picture.

What software do you use now?

I've been around the block once or twice. I don't do tons of work any more, but still some. Not a ton of images to handle. No chasing brides. Just simple catalog stuff mostly and some portraits.

I've been chugging along on an HP business tower quadcore that had been upgraded... But it's dead. i haven't kept up with computer technology at all beyond the very, very basics. What I had, while not lightning fast did the job. And so I need someone to help me find the best computer to do what I need without breaking the bank. So a few questions to help me get mentally oriented. I probably need to make the purchase in the next day or two or 3...

Dedicated vs integrated graphics card?

I'd choose dedicated; but a lot of that is based on speed.

A dedicated card will bump the price point of a computer up. I am sensitive to image nuance. Will I notice a visual difference between an integrated card or do I just need to forget about that and just go with dedicated?

2) Processor: I'm thinking i7-8700

My choice would be that.

or Intel Xeon E3-1230V6 in some of the computes I've been eyeing. I know that the Xenon 1230 isn't the top of the line Xeon. Thoughts?

3) If you had to choose one of these two.... or recommend another at the same or better price points which would you buy?
a) Lenovo P320 w Xeon 1230v6 processor
b) Dell XPS 8930 Cheaper by about $250 Save the money as this one will be far and away good enough?
c)Alienware PC with Intel Core i7-8700 Processor 3.2GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5; I can get it for about $1000 incl. tax

Thoughts anyone?

I would be sure you get at least 12GB of ram, and shoot for 16GB

Then I'd add a SSD for the startup and ideally your catalog;  256GB minimum.

Would you purchase one of these or something different... or cheaper?

I'd modify the Alienware without going the fully custom route. Adding more ram and a SSD  will set you back a couple of hundred more, but you will be happier in the long run.

I wanted processing speed, as I want to shoot more, not sit inside in front of a pc.

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