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gary0319 wrote:

I have mentioned here before that Olympus is pretty common in my camera club, today I took some time and wrote down the names of those shooting Olympus. We have at any given time between 50 and 60 total membership. Today’s tally of Olympus shooters was 15 (I might have missed one or two).

To be fair, our club is in South Florida and is mostly made up of retired men and women that are financially secure, but not wealthy, have time on their hands, and travel quite a bit. We also have an active user community centered around our local brick and mortar photo store that has an excellent relationship with Olympus (they currently will provide on loan at no charge, one of two E-M1x kits for anyone interested in trying them out for up to a week).

We are approaching the 50% mirrorless threshold at our club with Olympus being the most prevalent, followed by Sony and than Fiji. Only One Canon R, and one.Nikon Z7.

Two years ago there were just my wife and I shooting MFT, so a pretty good run up since then.

I gave up using my Canon 5D for theatre photography and used 3xGM series bodies each with a very good lens.  These guys know me and appreciate the quality of what I can produce but I was still getting comments on my “small cameras” which is decoded as: “why are you using point’n’shoot cameras for our important work?”.  Nevertheless the GM5’s performed well with lenses such as the Nocticron 42.5/1.2 in use.  But it just shows the hurdles physically smaller cameras have to jump over in order to impress non-photographic types.  Even in camera clubs who would generally be expected to know better - only larger camera bodies in M4/3 seem to be accepted in good company  The larger the better.

Shoot a wedding?  I am sure that the GM5 and suitable lenses could do it - but would any self -respecting pro-photographer ever dare to do that?  The kit brought to the wedding has to impress all the guests as much as the bride’s father footing the photography bill

Hardly surprising in many ways that the GM series did not sell so well .....

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