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Re: Forgotten (to take) the Box Brownie?

New Day Rising wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Phones are just the modern day (snap, share and forget) version of the Brownie Box camera and mainly for those that have a borderline interest in photography.

Yeah, exactly. It really surprises me that so few members on here seem to get that point. They are shocked that so many people out there accept the IQ and ergonomic comprises of phones and think that if manufacturers just improved the connectivity of ILCs sales would soar again.

Convenience has always been the most important thing for the majority and that has not and will not change.

”Snap, share and forget” as noted above.  I have previously argued that come 20 years there will be much the same number of historical photographs available as there ever was.  Few of these will be the residue of mobile phone photography - most images will be lost on hard drives, Instagram, Facebook, etc, and on “the Cloud” somewhere.  All this despite the incredibly huge number of captures being made (every second).

The world is just swinging back to normality where there were lots of casual “snappers and showers” for the instant-only feedback received and relatively few with serious investment in kit and interest in what they captured as historically well documented images.

The relative interests an ratio of photographers has not changed at all.

But phone are a whole lot easier to carry than a Box Brownie and the Box Brownie never had a chance to make people contactable 24/7 or provide a means of amusement in our otherwise boring life.

So if you are on a trip of a lifetime and you forgot the Box Brownie then I am sure that you have not forgotten the phone.

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