New to distance glasses/can't see in viewfinder clearly...

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Re: New to distance glasses/can't see in viewfinder clearly...

DJ Photo wrote:

E-3 is for shortsighted (myopia)

eg+2 is for farsighted -2 or -3 then fine tune with in body diopter adjustment

-2 is closer so better

Alternatively, get model with high eye relief so you can keep your glasses on. (This is best as glasses fix more things than just diopter, astigmatisms etc)

Thanks, yeah, I always get the myopia/presbyopia near/far short/long and which is which! And it did take me a few weeks to figure out I needed the negative vs the positive number LOL!

I was trying not to have to put glasses on to look through the viewfinder. I don't really need to wear them all the time, like looking at landscapes or cityscapes as an example, I was thinking I don't want to have to dig out the distance glasses just to see thru the viewfinder (not that I use it ALL the time, but I'm OLD and just SO used to doing that). I did debate about getting that eye cup but you can't attach the eye cup AND the dioptric add on since the expectation is probably that then you wouldn't be wearing eyeglasses and so wouldn't need it.

It sounds like I should get the -2. If i got the -3 then wouldn't I not be able to see with my glasses anyway?

(I feel like such an idiot about this prescription and all the stuff associated! I also got my reading glasses today and I can't use them at all/I think they are the wrong prescription as they are way too strong and I can only see clearly if it's like 8 inches from my face now...such a difference from those dollar store glasses I know )

Thanks again for helping me understand it.

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