Ask for a firmware update for Panasonic bodies?

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Ask for a firmware update for Panasonic bodies?

The Panasonic S1/S1R (aka G9 big brother) has a few rather nice firmware tweaks that we could reasonably ask for our present G9 and GX9 cameras and maybe others if they are feeling generous.

Interesting standouts are:

“Image Stabilisation Status Scope”

This is a live actual shake indicator.  Two concentric screen circle overlays with a bouncing green dot in moving about demonstrating  the actual level of shake happening.  There is no real explanation so I will supply mine: the ball seems to move in the opposite direction to the camera - for example left pan will shoot the ball out to the right side temporarily only to return to the centre (bobbing about) when the motion stops.  It seems (to me) that if the ball is within the centre circle then the IS and shutter speed will cope easily.  Between the circles it is still managing but maybe you are out of luck without IBIS/IS and outside both and you are on the wild side of probability.  Those that are easily distracted by bouncing balls need not apply, but I find this an interesting extra tool myself.

“Focus Peaking with AF” (optional).  This is useful as it adds a pseudo dof indicator to the normal AF focus indicator.  Not everyone will see it as a benefit - but it is optional for those that might like to give it a try.

”User Created Labels for Custom Modes”.  I find this very necessary for Custom Modes as I tend to forget how my custom modes are set up - it is a big  improvement to be able to place one’s own name to a mode that I have created. The name of your selected mode is displayed on the screen until half press of shutter. Considering that filter effects have been almost hidden on the S1/S1R this is a step towards having a think about it and roll your own.  Considering that “scene modes” have effectively disappeared it seems that with a grown up camera system the user is now expected to be capable of figuring out what combinations they need and invent their own “silly names”.  Added to this there are now up to ten levels of custom mode under the “Custom 3” control but this is optional and out of the box is set to just three custom modes in total.

Of course we can grow into our own custom modes. This hearkens to the nested nameable custom modes offered on the Ricoh GXR.  The deep basic ones at the base level and the easy to get at ones that can be brought up with a twist of the mode wheel.

Depending upon use - switch the camera off and on again then the mode wheel always reverts to the set mode wheel custom mode.  Out in the field and on the day you wish to tweak the mode wheel custom mode so that you can switch off and on again without having to continually reset the mode to your on the day tweaks.  Just save the tweaked version back to the custom mode you are using.  Like the original one as a default setting?  Just access the deep basic version and copy it back over your current custom mode.  Easy, and of course you can vary the custom mode that you start with as normal or switch out of custom mode altogether  and just use the camera normally.

These three features are presumably firmware upgradeable and I am sure that these and some others would be well received on M4/3 bodies as well.

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Tom Caldwell

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