Interesting lens development for me - anyone buying the 200-600

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Re: Interesting lens development for me - anyone buying the 200-600

4thnebula wrote:

It does really make the decision between Sony and Canon much harder for me. I own a Sony A7III and a Canon EOS R. The only Sony lens I own is a Sigma 70mm macro for E Mount. I use the Sigma MC-11 with Canon lenses otherwise. Focus is OK but if I were to go Sony only I would purchase E Mount lenses.

So, the 200-600 OSS really pushes me. If the sharpness is as good as initial indications and the ability to get AF with TCs 1.4X and 2X? I don't see Canon doing this any time soon.

Then there is no IBIS for Canon and no 40mm RF for Canon.

I am seriously considering starting purchasing more Sony E Mount lenses and starting with the 200-600.

The other decision would be to mix but not overlap systems. If I get a Batis 40mm f2 and the Sony 200-600 what lenses do I get for Canon that don't overlap.

I have the Canon RF 24-105 IS which is a nice lens though not prime quality.

Here is my first thoughts on mixing systems:


1. Batis 40mm f2

2. Sigma 70mm f2.8 macro

3. Sony 200-600 OSS

4. Sony 1.4X TC


1. 24-105 IS

2. 70-200 f2.8 IS (coming later this year).

That should do it. Then I can wait to see what happens and sell the Canon stuff if they don't straighten up.

My personal take is this.  Pick one system and stick to it, sell the other unless there is a reason.

To me, with two different systems, I would have different accessories to keep track, Batteries, flash, lenses, adaptors (if needed)

Plus I am thinking Why?  Would have a a Nikon Z and Canon R or even Sony in the mix?

Now I will add my caveat maybe I mentioned.  I had till today a Panasonic G9 with only one lens the 12-60 mm 2.8-4.  I had a flash, battery grip as well.  I only had it because the Sony 100-400 for $2500 did not make sense to me when the same focal length pretty much Panasonic has for $1600 the 50-200 2.8-4 , a 100-400 equivalent

Now Sony comes out with this 200-600, yeah there is a f stop difference but the larger sensor I think makes up for it and the cost is on par.

So sold my G9 and stuff to put towards the Sony purchase.  plus that G9 hardly got used in favor for the Sony and camera gear does not increase in value.


To me in my world unless there is some driving force pick one and stick to it.  Here I would only say sell the Canon and stop investing in Canon unless they do a lens Sony does not do then sure keep it with one or two lenses, BUT Sony is more advanced in what they do IMO than Nikon or Canon specifically in the mirrorless camera offerings today.

You save nothing in size and weight and I assume cost is equal with what you want in Canon that you can just do with Sony.

Think about this if I follow you

You are out shooting with canon and sony and the 70-200 canon and 200-600 Sony are you swapping cameras and committing muscle memory to different menu systems, down to the way the zoom lens turns I know Nikon and Canon are different how they turn.

The final colors could look different so in editing I think you are spending more time than needed if time freedom matters.

Just me and my thoughts if it works for you ok, but does not make sense to me this plan.

Sell one and stick to one interchangeable lens system is my 2c

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