X-T2 w- 23/2 or G9 w- 15/1.7?

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Re: X-T2 w- 23/2 or G9 w- 15/1.7?

Azimuth Jones wrote:

Mine is one of the original 19s as well, but, as I said, I never felt it distinguished itself from anything I got from the 14-45mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens that came with the G1. Didn't think it was awful, didn't think it was especially special either. If I go with the G9 I will definitely try it out again and see if the new sensor makes a difference; if not I'll pick up that Panasonic Leica 15/1.7

That would be you best bet if spending money, see how the 19mm does before splashing out on a new lens, on m4/3 the 19mm was one of my most used for SP, fast lenses and shallow dof are not on the high list of needs for me.

I don`t really have any brand loyalty and will use pretty much anything that fits, late last year it was a toss up between Sony and Fuji, went with the Fuji for an extra cost save in the end and added a couple of 7Artisan lenses that are a great deal if your not hell bent on autofocus

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