Gifted a D5, not sure if I can justify its use

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Gifted a D5, not sure if I can justify its use

I was recently gifted a Nikon D5 for my birthday by a parent and at first was very receptive and grateful for the gift. I hadn't done much photography time in a while so I was not up to date with the technology (the cameras I have in my apartment are the Canon t5i and Nikon d810).

Once I found out about the D5 I was caught off guard. It feels like it's way above my level (which it is). For most photography I might like taking portraits, flowers, landscapes, street. I've done one night photography before. I've never really attempted high action things since I don't go to many sporting events and didn't think my cameras would keep up. I've never tried wildlife but it has interested me. I guess most of my photos end up on instagram, flickr, regular photo sized and maybe the occasional 8x10.

Then as I dived into my research I saw all this d850 talk and it being better at low ISO. I believe I usually shoot less than 6400 on average but maybe that's b/c I didn't feel shooting at anything higher w/ other cameras would turn out good. I wasn't expecting the d850 to be half the cost of the d5 and do basically 80% of it's functions better. I've been obsessively looking at forums and reviews to justify keeping the gift so I don't make my parent feel bad but it's been hard to do so.

My pros/cons


Price is a big one. I don't do professional work photography and I don't really go to many sporting events. Camera is heavy as hell. I was complaining about my d810 already. 20 megapixels compared to 36 megapixels on my d810? What if I want to crop pictures (I've never really done so before)? Switching out d5 for action and d810 for landscapes would be annoying and heavy (but doable).


The sturdiness is nice, the autofocus is insane, the low light shooting is great. I've been thinking about buying a BMPCC camera for cinema 4k so any bells and whistles in terms of video on a dslr is an after thought (that 1.5 crop factor doesn't phase me). I've shot plenty of pictures w/ my canon t5i and was happy with the results and that's 18 megapixels.

I've taken maybe 10 photos since opening it and the return date is in 2 weeks from now. I feel ungrateful asking for the gifter to return it for their own sake. I tried once the week after getting the gift and they said they were thinking of a while to get me a good camera. This isn't a humble brag, but money isn't too much of an issue for them and in this case the "thought that counts" seems to be trumping any sense I can make.

What would you guys suggest? Try again to ask for a return for their sake? Keep the D5 and pair it with my d810?

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