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TransientEye wrote:

Aquarius2014 wrote:

Also, it’s a myth that Leica is dishonest with the ISO.

I would not draw that conclusion relative to other makes of camera, but what I will point out is that my M10 in 'auto' chooses a shutter speed that is about 2/3 stop slower than either either an M 262 or my M7 when set to the same ISO, aperture and with the camera pointed at an evenly illuminated wall.

FWIW, I checked this fairly carefully, also checking relative to a Sekonic meter and a number of other cameras (I was actually testing the M7, which has just come back from Wetzlar after having its metering overhauled).

ISO is a fairly loosely defined property, so Leica can choose to calibrate its ISO dial values pretty much however it likes. But there is no photographic benefit to changing its ISO definition here, so I can only assume that it is a marketing choice.

Lastly, having shot a lot with both the M10 and M 262, up to ISO 1600 I really do not see any difference between the image quality of the cameras. At higher ISOs, the M10 is better in dynamic range - but not so much that I am happy to shoot at ISO 6400 or higher.

You obviously meant to write then “more consistent with their ISO definitions” rather than “more honest with their ISO definitions.”

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