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Re: Adding an FX camera

I run a setup similar to what you are contemplating. D6X0, and D7100. I default to the FX bodies when casually shooting as a lot of the tends to be light starved.  I think renting would be a good option for you. Do  a shoot or two and see whether or not there is ~1K worth of difference in the output. I very much enjoy FX and the benefits it brings to the table, but with good light or strobes don't think the D72/100 is too far removed at equivalent apertures (F4 FX, F2.8DX).  I do like and find noticeable the difference in DoF (for portraiture I tend to use a mixture of primes and a 70-200VR2), and I appreciate that the focal lengths of primes works well. (I like the 85 1.8G on FX  more than the 50 1.8G on DX as an example). If your work horse for portraits is going to be the 70-200V, I am not sure it would be worth the plunge, if you are planning on adding more glass in the future that may tip the scales a bit more towards going FX.  That is of course based on my preferences and predilections, and they may differ a bit for you. Renting allows you to see if it delivers the expected benefits without the commitment of purchasing.

Good luck in nay case.



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