Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

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Re: Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

Mathieu18 wrote:

Thanks. The 200-500 is tempting, but it is big enough I know I would never have it with me, it would just sit on the shelf.

Thanks for the thoughts.

JulesH wrote:

I had both. The Sigma was too heavy for me to handhold. I am on the smaller side. I had the dock but didn’t think it was really sharp. I sold it and got the AF-P which is much lighter. I use it on the D750 and the D500 which gives me a bit further reach. I don’t think it’s at its sharpest at the 300 end. I also ended up getting the 200-500 and a gimbal for the tripod..

That's exactly why I didn't get the 200-500—I'm sure it would sit on the shelf too much.  Much as I loved the images I got from it, I just knew it wasn't a lens I'd easily haul around with me.  I prefer to shoot hand held, and after 30 minutes my hands in particular were really tired from holding it up and panning around with it.  So the 100-400 was a great alternative for me, and I haven't regretted getting it.

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