A Leica M10 Review

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Re: A Leica M10 Review

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

You lost me on your sensor assessment. I use this camera professionally and rarely go below ISO3200 precisely because I want the noise in the picture. Otherwise it looks plastic. When assessing the image quality, the noise level is not the only thing that should be taken into consideration. M10 DNG files beat Sony a7RIII in dynamic range and color fidelity and any ISO. Not to mention, Leica lenses do not work well on Sony bodies, especially anything wider than 50. To be fair, Zeiss Loxia lenses are excellent, yet they are not fast enough.

Most your remarks about this camera are correct, however, there was no point of stating the obvious after almost two years of this camera being out. What you did not mention is that the shutter starts acting up at above 32C, especially when the humidity is high. This is a real bummer, because it renders the camera less than useful for travel assignments in countries with hot climate.

Do other Leica M have the shutter problem above 32C or this is uniquely M10 problem?

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