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Re: Huh?

HRC2016 wrote:

No, you're way off base.

Why do you think limited data on what you've already shot would guide you in your future photography?

If you own nothing above 300 mm now then you won't have any pictures at those FL.

You might as well not drive a car in the futire because you spent a long time riding a bike.

This theory is hokum.

Falcon04 wrote:

Thank you all for the honest thoughts and opinions. After I got home this evening, I analyzed my photos and yielded the following results:

Focal Lengths / Percentage

14-60mm / 84%

61-100mm / 3%

>100mm / 13%

I didn't realize that I primarily shot at 60mm or below, with the majority coming from the 42mm or less range (which corresponds to my 14-42mm kit lens). My 40-150 I either shot short or long, with not much in between.

So for the purposes of my intended purchase, this data appears to be pointing toward the used PL 12-60 ($629) or having me sit and wait for a good deal on the Oly 12-40 Pro... (with a trade-in, new from Olympus would be $700).

Regarding some of the comments here and in other threads about the Oly 14-150 II vs. the Pan 14-140 II, one of the big drivers that had me leaning toward the Pan originally was the fact that when purchased, its a whole package (lens, hood, storage bag, etc...), whereas with the Oly, the additional items are upsell items driving the price upward (albeit not tremendously). In terms of value, the Pan wins.

Am I heading in the right direction with my analysis?

So, he should just give up? sheesh.

To the OP. Yes, you are headed in the right direction. What I think the hillary dude is trying to say that the lenses you own bias your shooting. But still, you can draw some conclusions from your use. In that vein, the 12-60mm makes sense. Personally, I'd stretch for the 12-100 if you found that you did shoot a fair percentage over 60mm.

By the way, I would do a bit deeper dive on your photos. Go though and pick out about 100 of your best shots and look at the FLs on those. The results may surprise you. Just because you shot at 100mm doesn't mean much if they all turned out to be uninteresting.

My experience with about 10 transatlantic trips with M43 gear (2 bodies, 3-4 lenses) is that the range 10-20mm is where my best travel shots get taken. I often carried a panny 35-100mm but really didn't use it that much. Even when it was mounted on one of the bodies.

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