Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

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Re: Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

So the real question here, would you rather have the first one or the second one?

cosmicnode wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

FX, for use on a Z6 via FTZ.

cosmicnode wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

Recently got a 100-400 and it’s impressive for the price but still on the fence. 400 is still not really long enough, so 300 is okay (don’t do serious birding etc) and the size and weight savings are attractive. So... any thoughts on how the 70-300 AF-P compares? Mostly interested in 300mm wide open but any thoughts welcome.

Which AF-P lens are you considering, The DX or FX version.

Took a few shots yesterday with this lens. I took out the D300 in error,

still enjoyed using it.

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