Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

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Re: Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

When I first switched to Fuji a couple years back the 35 1.4 pretty much lived on my XT1.  I switched to M43 for a while but recently returned to Fuji with the XH1.  I went looking for a nice used copy of the 1.4 but people were looking for almost new prices! I came across a more budget friendly F2 so went for it.  It's in as new condition and was £100 less than people were looking for the 1.4, and they weren't exactly great condition [marks all over the hood, scratches to the lens body etc]

So I have the F2 atm, and it's growing on me.  I have to admit that at first I hated it, I found it hunts a lot in lower light more than it should, and even in good light it does this focus breathing thing.  This is where it seems to shoot past your target then back before locking on.  This is annoying at times but I have gotten used to it's quirks.  It is also soft for close ups at F2, the further back you focus the sharper it seems to get.  I like shooting close up so that's another con.  For general use though, it is sharp, has lovely punchy contrast and I like the fact it is WR, and also tiny - great for when you want to be stealthy, it draws zero attention even on the XH1

Would I swap it for the 1.4 now after using it a few weeks? tough decision, I remember the 1.4 being a bit of a slug when it comes to AF and noisey too.  Also it's not WR which is a bit of a bummer, when you know the F2 is.  It boils down to just a few differences.  If you need 1.4 then your decision is done, but if F2 is sufficient and you need WR and prefer quieter focusing? then get the F2

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