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"Some people that love to shoot brick walls and such, claim the Panasonic 14-140mm is a tad sharper than the Olympus 14-150mm lens"

Actually, a clear majority who have chipped-in over the years on this comparison favor the 14-140. That is not to say that the Oly is bad, nor to forget that cop-to-copy variation may factor in. YMMV

My experience shows the opposite, with the Oly 14-150ii being a tad sharper than Panasonic's 14-140, especially at the long end.

But what makes me prefer olympus is the overall build quality and feeling of the lens. Although a premium kit and not a professional grade zoom lens, it well built, tight and not having an internal IS system makes it tinier than Panasonic, whilst a bit longer.

I think iot's a matter of preferences.

Same applies for the Oly 12-40 pro vs PL 12-60, I own both and prefer the build quality of the olympus pro...

All things being equal, I think I've eliminated the used PL 12-60 for the time being.

Between the Pan 14-140ii & Oly 14-150ii. Is the absence of 10mm on the Pan's long end made up for by it's faster f/3.6 on the short end when compared to the Oly?

Personally I'd choose speed over a little extra reach.


At the wide end, something like a 1/3 of a stop doesn't make much a difference in terms of subject separation.

I think light gathering is more significant, but it depends how good each lens is at light transmission (t stops). That I don't know, but I suspect the Panny gathers more light to the sensor than the Oly.

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