How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

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Re: How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

The D7500 while slightly lower resolution, it will offer noticeably better image quality, especially if you do a lot of post processing of wildlife photos. Since the need for higher shutter speeds can have you using higher ISO, the D7500 can be pushed to higher ISOs without getting many difficult to fix artifacts. In good lighting and low ISO, you likely will not notice much of any difference unless you pixel peep.

Other benefits:

  • Much improved AF system that is faster and more accurate, especially in lower light conditions.
  • Ability to use AF-Fine tune to improve accuracy.
  • Better subject tracking.
  • If you use or plan to use a speed light or studio strobe, the D7500 has fer better support for strobes. The 3000 and 5000 series Nikon cameras do not support high speed sync (software/ firmware artificial limit), thus you will be limited to 1/200s which can mean that outdoor speed light use during the day time may not work out for you.

While DXO mark can show small improvements to SNR, dynamic range, and tonal range, it doesn't quite show the differences between cameras in less than ideal situations, such as if you need to photograph something at ISO 1600-3200 and then do some post processing on it, and not get weird noise artifacts.

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