Manual Focus 10-100 mm non PD

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Re: Manual Focus 10-100 mm non PD

Hi, Reb!
(Huh!  Look at that!  I was just admiring the a6000 Sony in another post earlier today.)
I have to agree with Paul and Jon that manual focus with N1 cameras is difficult (that's a nice way to put it!) at best.  Still, it's a good thing to know.  
Do you have the 'auto-focus assist' (I think that's what it's called) setting turned on?
In some situations that can help a lot, and in others it won't do much of anything.
If the situation allows for it, you might also try a laser pointer or small flashlight to light things up temporarily while you do the 'half shutter push' to achieve focus.
And now!  Here's the most interesting and useful advice I've ever offered on this forum!
I've mentioned this quite a few times over many years, but no one ever responds to it or seems to be interested at all!  I hope it might be of use to you at some point, for those times when you have no choice but to use the control wheel for manual focus.
If you set the 'sharpening' adjustment in the camera to its highest setting (as the Beatles once said, 'number nine... number nine...') the image you see in both the viewfinder (if you have one) and the LCD screen will be at its sharpest.  This makes manual focusing much easier and precise, although it's still more awkward than it should be!  The sharpening setting is actually intended for something else, but if you're interested in giving this a try, you'll see clearly that this is true.  Nikon!  Pfffft!   
This adjustment can be a little tricky.  Please don't hesitate to write back if you have any questions about it. 

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