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Fregoli wrote:

dontfret wrote:

underwater housings for panny cameras run from $550 to $1700 on Amazon.

That's the problem. These diving housings are as expensive or more expensive than the camera itself.

Was hoping for some simple DIY solution, so I could get shots like this guy: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62769880

Unfortunately, "proper" underwater housings cost a lot. The best bang for the buck is currently Meike or Sea Frogs, as they call themselves now (https://seafrogs.com.hk/).  As you might have figured out yourself, they don't produce a housing for the G9 (only GH5), which obviously has something to do with the low sales volume of m43 (that comment is for all thoses who say: "I don't care if others are  buying m43, I like m camera"... it does matter).  They currently are focusing more on Sony products.

Alternatives are from Ikelite, Nauticam or Fantasea, but they are all much more expensive, especially if you add the different dome ports and the lighting options that you need for it.

I have never used a "bag" in my almost 20 years of underwater photography, therefore I cannot comment on it specifically, but I agree with some assessments I have read here:

1. I have also heard people commenting on the bag being squeezed and becoming un-operational since the bag presses all buttons at the same time -  at 10m (about 30ft) you face a pressure of 2 bar, which is what you have in the tire of your car - that is significant.

2. I would be scared to take a beautiful camera like that in a bag, but again, that is not based on experience.

3. TG5 or TG6 are very good cameras for taking macro underwater shots where you can use the build-in flash or external strobe, however, their small sensor struggles in low light / natural light environments like the shark pictures.

Good luck with your endeavours,


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