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Was hoping for some simple DIY solution, so I could get shots like this guy: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62769880

Those images don't look very clear. If the water was clear, his camera wasn't very good.

I was at Malapascua by myself 10 years ago: the water IS clear, but the problem is the sharks come in the early morning at a depth of 25-30m (very low light) and flashes are not allowed (and because of the distance of the sharks not possible in most cases). These photos are a real challenge for the cameras sensor and the results are already good for what can be achieved with the small MFT sensor (G9 would not bring improvement in this case. Very strange imagination that someone brings there a G9 down in a nylon sack )...


Thanks, Wolfgang for that comment.

Apparently a lot of people commenting on things that they don't understand, you summarized it quite nicely...

Just two more remarks for the record:

1.  Your comment should have read "...the water IS generally clear...".  Unfortunately during the 8 days of diving at at Malapascua we had heavy thunderstorms, including the strongest of this year, resulting in rather poor visibility and very challenging conditions to see anything (while we had sightings on all days).  Only on our last day it cleared up a bit leading to the photos that I posted.  However, if people would not be so lazy, they cloud have seen from the exif data that I was shooting at something around 86mm - 100mm (35mm eq.), leading to a lot of water and particles between me and the subject. No, a TG6 would have not even gotten close in IQ...  There are a lot of people down there with GoPros, they got nothing to show...  This comment is not targeted at you, Wolfgang.

2. I envy you that you made it 10 years ago, it was never on my radar screen until lately, and I have been diving this region for close to 20 years.  Today it is a zoo and it is a challenge to not have some stupid idiot chasing the sharks away or a whole group of divers blowing a wall of bubbles in front of your lens...  Only because we outlasted the zoo, due to diving with Nitrox (3 minutes bottom time left when I finished the shoot) and better air consumption than most of the people there (we jumped first and came back last), made these photos possible.  I know that these pictures are not perfect, but yes, I am proud of them because I know what went into taking them (including some significant financial investment - yes, I am not shooting with an E-PL7 because I cannot afford a E-M1 II, but because it is the best tool for me).  Anyone thinking they can just wrap a bag around a camera and immediately take some fantastic underwater picture has no understanding of the difficulties of underwater photography...  ok, that is enough of a rant...

Wolfgang, do you have an picture of your tip 10 years ago (I know cameras were different at that time), would love to see them

Have fun shooting,


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