Sony vs Fuji color science; not even close

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Re: Sony vs Fuji color science; not even close

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Look for photographers you like, with colors you find interesting. Which camera do they use? In my case, all of them use canon, or nikon. Nobody (or almost) shooting nice color portraits from the pictures that to my taste look better shoot Sony.

And it’s probably a given they were not OOC JPG...

Other way of seeing things. Look at manny Ortiz (Sony photographer) photos and videos. Shooting with Sony, horrible colors (to my taste). Shooting with the eos r or the nikon z6 or 7 when he tries them, very nice colors. Of course he edits the pictures.

I found the same. Even the raws, in Lightroom, canon is just better Sony raws are awesome for landscape, but for portraits they're a nightmare. I get them more or less right with my presets (I share them for free in the forum BTW), but still canon is just better to my taste. Also there's another YouTuber Asian guy in USA poring videos and pics on ig and he rents different cameras, I can always spot if the pics are taken with Sony or fuji or canon, he shows jpg out of the camera or edits jpg...

Right; in your opinion. Unfortunately, when it comes to these demonstrations and blind tests, the vast majority prefer Sony's colour output, even when they are tricked into thinking it's a different brand.

Again ... your "vast majority" prefer warmer auto white balance to colder auto white balance ... as Tony Northrup showed you. His test was with cameras set to auto white balance and the warmer auto white balance was favored ... obviously. The test was about auto white balance, not "color output" or "color science", despite the misleading title.

If your output is jpegs shot with auto white balance, then perhaps Tony's test is meaningful. For photographers who shoot Raw, it means nothing at all.

I'm even more confused about your stance now than I was originally. For photographers who shoot RAW, there certainly is no "standard" color for each camera, considering that will vary based on which converter you use, how it's set up, and which profile it applies. This actually adds MORE variables, and deviates further from whatever "standard" you think exists, than if you were talking about JPGs in camera.

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