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I also looked at the focal lengths of my travel pics & found a similar spread as you.  I also found that my need for longer lengths was generally predictable enough (e.g. festivals, performances) to minimise lens changes.  So I settled on the PL 12-60 + P 35-100 f2.8 combo as my core travel kit.

The PL 12-60 is as big as I would want in a walkaround, so not interested in the Oly 12-100, and f2.8 at the wide end can be useful.

On a recent trip to Japan (cities + hiking), I used the PL 12-60 almost exclusively & the 35-100 did not get used at all (no compelling event).

I used the P 14-140 on an earlier trip to South Africa & found it excellent, though a little slow for keeping ISO down (the Oly is even slower).  So in the end I traded it + my 12-35 f2.8 for the PL 12-60 as the best balance of range, speed, size, IQ.

One thing though - in my experience, the PL-12-60 suffers from sample variation so make sure to test thoroughly.  Through opportunism & design I have had three copies - one was decentered & returned, another bought used & re-sold (generally softer than the copy I kept).

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