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I enjoy everyone of it, really nice photos!

I recently tried to make my new diffuser with new material, I don't remember how many version I have been done , but I think this will be the final version

Will try to post some photos soon

I actually just made another diffuser too. Primarily for longer working distances that is the main issue I have with the 100mm macro. Amazing how just a few inches make it so much harder to get good, nice light. Im very happy with the results Im getting with it though. And, yeah, its like the 20th diffuser Ive engineered. Im about to make another one for my twin flash, and Im excited about the idea - hopefully results justify my excitement. Ive had other "good ideas" they ended up with subpar results.

Diffusers are all about making good quality, soft light, controlling specular highlights. Ideally they would be quickly adjustable for different scenarios, but that is difficult. The other big thing for me is that they can quickly fold down to being able to stuff in my bag without damaging them. I really want a 3d printer solely for diffusion designs. Its really odd how this need has been entirely overlooked even if considering how niche it is. Kazillions of Gary Fong knock offs, and other diffusers, let alone the massive market for larger softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, etc etc. but if you want to find a good manufactured macro diffuser, nothing exists. At least nothing that even comes close to our diy designs.

We are on the same boat , I  keep searching for a commercial products for the twin flash for many years , and not found anything yet until recently I've found a guy with his terrific macro work , he actually quite generous to share how he makes the diffuser for his work ,  he even sells the whole set (a modified version of third party speed light + diffuser )online.   I didn't bother to buy the whole set because I already have the Canon MT-24ex , so I asked him about the material that he uses to make the diffuser , he told me that he uses vinyl lampshade as diffuser material.  I am still working on it , hopefully will get it done by the end of the week.

Talking about the size of the diffuser , I would want a portable size as well, but I found that if the diffuser's too small, it would give harsh hot spot no matter how many layers of material I put on to diffuse the light. The larger the better , I am looking for a perfect size which would give me beautiful diffused light but not turning the diffuser into 2 light bulb. I will post my work later on

Can't wait to see your work with your next generation of diffuser 

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