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Falcon04 wrote:

Regarding some of the comments here and in other threads about the Oly 14-150 II vs. the Pan 14-140 II, one of the big drivers that had me leaning toward the Pan originally was the fact that when purchased, its a whole package (lens, hood, storage bag, etc...), whereas with the Oly, the additional items are upsell items driving the price upward (albeit not tremendously). In terms of value, the Pan wins.

For the Olympus 14-150mm mark II, the hood now comes with the lens. It didn't come with the lens for the mark I version of the lens. If you are buying used, perhaps the person will include the hood, perhaps not.

For me, the lens bag is useless.

Am I heading in the right direction with my analysis?

But the main question is, even if you shoot rarely at long distances, would you miss a shot if you had to change lenses?

Originally, my main two lenses where the 12-40mm and 14-150mm, and it was easy to slip one on for the expected shooting (low light, use the 12-40mm, outdoors with great range, use the 14-150mm).  But then I added a used Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 mark I to the mix.

I go back and forth whether it should be Olympus 12-40mm and Panasonic 35-100mm or Olympus 12-40mm and Olympus 14-150mm mark II.  If I'm doing indoor shots, the answer is almost always the 35-100mm because it is 1-2 stops faster thant he 14-150mm, and I find things like stage shows are better at focal lengths above 40.  If it is outdoors, I might bring all 3, but usually only one of the 2 second lenses comes out.

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