Laowa 100mm 2:1 - Canon vs Nikon

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Re: Laowa 100mm 2:1 - Canon vs Nikon

Bobby Handal wrote:

I think that the optics will be good, as in other Laowa lenses. However I believe that you will have issues with your Z6, as this lens will have no electronic contacts in Nikon brand, this means that with the FTZ adapter no signal will pass over, much lens close the aperture when you take the picture. This means, to my understanding that , usually when one takes macro photos you use f/16 and other more closed apertures, so the live view finder will be dark, if you tell it to brighten the view, you will probably see blooming or grain in the image , making it hard to tell if in focus.

If you are using a DSLR I believe there is no issue as it has a lever that actuates the aperture once you press the shutter.

NacMacFeegle wrote:

Today I pre-ordered Laowa's brand new 100mm super macro lens for Nikon, I plan on adapting it to use on my Z6. My one concern is that it might not be as high quality as the Canon version, since the Canon version uses a 9 bladed aperture ring as opposed to the 7 bladed ring in the Nikon version. Will this make a big difference to image quality? I'll probably still get the Nikon, since I prefer manual aperture rings, and I can always use my F - EF adapter to mount it to my 80D.

This lens has aperture coupling with F Mount (with FTZ adapter) which means the aperture will only close when the shutter button is pressed. As per my understanding, in this case, the viewfinder will not be dark as the aperture remains open until the shutter is pressed.

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