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Marco Nero wrote:

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I have a eos m100 and only shoot in raw. I transfer all of my photos to my iPhone with the canon camera connect app and it appears to only save in jpg format at a resolution of 2400x1600 and 3.8 mp. I have been saving this way for months not realizing this, then deleting them off my memory card which is frustrating because I have lost all my raw photos. Is there any way to export them in raw besides saving them to my computer? Or a way to recover the full image size? Even when I download them from my iCloud onto my computer they are jpg

I'm sorry to hear this has happened. I think most photographers greatest fears involve losing their images and any backups they might have had. It happened to me once when a hard drive crashed about 2 years ago and I haven't forgotten.
Something to know about RAW files is that they are not image files. They are simply data. There are other types of RAW files as well which don't come from cameras but from other types of electronic devices. So your iCloud and your iPhone will not be able to tell what they are UNLESS you turn on the right preference (see link below). TIFF and JPEG files are image files so both of those ought to be able to be saved more easily. You would be better to convert your RAW files to TIFFS which will be the same approximate size and will retain almost every part of the visual data with plenty of room to manipulate them. Most computers will automatically save your RAW images as TIF images (TIFFs) when you convert the RAW file into an image file for editing.
Otherwise, your only option is to save your RAW images into your computer (which will take up a lot of space) or back them up onto at least one other external hard drive. A RAW file cannot be opened without the appropriate software. So whenever a new camera comes out, a lot of photographers are forced to shoot in JPEG if they wish to view their images and use them. Later, companies like Adobe will release pluggins and drivers to enable your computer to decipher the Raw files. You might be better off taking your images as RAW+JPEG so that you get one of each whenever you take a picture. That way you'll get a full sized JPEG (which can still be edited) as a file that can easily be transferred and backed up.
Solid State Drives are becoming cheaper and more common as well. They are also more reliable than spinning Hard Drives with discs inside them.
Since most iPhones have fairly small Hard Drive memory allocation, I'd say that the RAW files were converted somehow during the upload process and may not have made it to your Phone. The same appears to have happened with the iCloud backup in that the RAW data was converted to a visual file that was more easily recognized. But for the iCloud it ought to offer full RAW backup. It sounds to me like you haven't turned on RAW settings for your devices. Be sure to test this option before relying on it... (see here) How the Photos app and iCloud Photos handle RAW images

I am not even sure that the Canon App transfers MPG videos. I believe that the constraint imposed by the app is based on the limited bandwidth of the connection.

I have used a card reader since my digital day one (2002?) to COPY files from the memory card to a hard drive. Now I store all my pictures on a RAID and selected RAW converted into ZEN Folio.

Big hard drives (4 to 6 Terabytes) are not that expensive and can be used from a docking station attached to your lap-top.

Not being a big user (10k pictures a year), saving in RAW is reasonable.

Having lost RAW over time (user malpractice!) I am sometimes stuck with JPG only and regret the losses. But this is a fact of life. Sorry it happened to the OP.

I was considering Cloud based storage for the RAW files. Still on the fence on this one as it forces you to pay for ever...

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