severe viewfinder lag during videorecording z6

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JimKasson wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

dirkluchtman wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

dirkluchtman wrote:

Problem solved, had to do with video framerate it seems.

Thanks. Any idea if the Sony A7 III has this delay as well?

Unfortunately, I don't know and I don't have an A7 III.

If you know anyone with an A7III, they should be able to use the method I describe in that first link. It's really a very simple test to perform: you just need a stopwatch and a second camera.

I don't want to put him on the spot, but I believe Jim Kasson (a frequent and very helpful contributor here) has one, and he frequently does tests such as this, but usually not for video. One example he did for the Z7 (not in video) is on his site is here:

Maybe you can shoot him a PM to see if he has tested this or search around on his site?

I haven't done any video testing -- or any video, for that matter -- with either a7x or Zx cameras.



Thanks for the reply and all of the other tests you have done anyway! 

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