300mm PF Stabilization better with Z body IBIS?

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Re: 300mm PF Stabilization better with Z body IBIS?

ARClark wrote:

My biggest frustration with this lens is the weak VR. I'm not referring to the concerns of VR in the 1/60 to 1/125 range, but just the inability of the lens to really stabilize an image in general. Comparing the VR in the 200-500 with the 300 PF is night and day.

So my question is whether users of the Z6 or Z7 see a noticeable difference in VR/image stabilization effectiveness with IBIS?

Thanks, Alan

Mmmm ... I've never heard that. Is that documented elsewhere, or just your personal experience?  I don't have a 300 PF, but I've seen plenty of threads praising it, and don't recall reading anything about poor VR.


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