Some DOF and DR Stuff

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Some DOF and DR Stuff

I returned home from my 9-week shooting trip to Europe on 4 Med islands (Mallorca, Sardinia, Corsica, Malta) and then Berlin-Dresden-Krakow and for the past 5 days since returning have been spending an hour or so a day going back through the 4,000 "keeper" raw files I have from the trip. I already edited them on the road on a Dell 13 inch 4K laptop and posted the full size jpeg exports to Flickr as I went along on the trip and got good Wifi.

But when I got home to the big studio monitor I can improve almost every shot with some fine-tuning and you really see what you have there. You see the flaws and you see the big wins. But I'm not going to re-export to Flickr - I just like to look at what I have and re-edit the trip's raw files a little every day. It is part of the hobby I guess.

But the thing that still jumps out at me about MF is the DOF and DR, along with the res and pop of course.

The DOF is a disadvantage for me. I still notice it because I am so used to reviewing files from my Fuji APSC gear. I know in general it is about two stops difference (very generally, and in non-scientific terms). I'm talking about comparing situations and shooting apertures between the two - it's about two stops (but it seems like more to me).

Here are a couple of shots where it popped out at me. I was about to climb the steps of the Pollenca - Calvari, which has 365 stair steps up to the Egoseia del Cavlari (church).

I had the 100-200 mounted and the 50r around my neck.  Near the bottom of the steps I saw an old man leaning out into the stairway from his perch.  He was an actual authentic local and he was holding a cane, not a phone.  So I shot a bunch of him hand held, and I moved the focus point from his face to about half way up the stairs and shot at F9.  I was at about 1/170 at 100mm hand held, so I probably have some camera shake.  But the images are still sharp.  Anyway, check out the DOF.  The man was about 60 feet away and yet is badly out of focus on the shot where the focus point is hallway up.  Then the shot where he is in focus the background is a focus mess.

Now I know there is a lot of DOF there.  But DOF is a challenge with MF when you want a lot of it.  Anyway, it is not a complaint.  It is just a shooting reality and I like the images anyway.  Sure, I could have gone to F11, but then you have serious camera shake issues because of low spewed and diffraction.  So....

Nice, but his face is badly OOF,  Focus point about half way up the stairs. 100mm

Face in focus.  Anything further up not.  200mm.  And he is 60 feet away?

When I was in Dresden, I shot the Catholic Cathedral that had been destroyed in the firebombing and that was rebuilt after reunification.  Check out the DR.  In post, it just goes on and on and on....  The first shot was normal metering into the sun and thus a silhouette.  The second is a virtual copy where I opened up the shadows about 2/3rds the distance of the slider.  No other changes.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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